Friday, 19 December 2014

Sweet December

How you all doing?  If the "spirit of the season" is eluding you, maybe some color will give your mood a boost? 

This sweet handmade crochet earring is good gift for this festive season. 

My daughter made this beautiful earring. Watch this blog for more update. I shall be posting more detail how you can buy them.

All best wishes for the holiday season and happy shopping :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Photo Frame

Here is photo frame my grandson made it. It is very easy and doable. Just use your creativity.....

Material used 

  • Lots of buttons (any shape /size) 
  • Colors (Poster or oil colors depend on surface you are using)
  • Any shape cardboard or wooden frame. 
  • Glue or adhesive  

Before you can apply color to the surface, you will need a base coat on the surface. It can be any color you desire. Let it dry 

Once base cote dry completely now use your imagination and color the surface (you can use any geometric patters, straight or diagonal lines or any other pattern).  After colouring let it dry completely. 
Now you can use buttons of any size or shape. Stick them on the surface and make any shape.

You can also use some ribbons, fabric, flowers as well.  :)